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Our Solutions


Enterprise Systems

This is ERP for the digital age. New Neptune Technology will ensure quick implementation, the latest upgrades, relevant modifications, and seamless integration, are achieved in a cost-effective manner.


Digital & Security Services

Our security practice enables stakeholders to understand risks related to technology, process, and people within your business environment. With pre-emptive end-to-end security strategy consulting, business posture assessment, technology recommendations and remediation, we help you stay ahead of security threats so that you can focus on your core business functions.

Data analytics & Management

A business finds success on the foundation of a few integral tools, and information is one of them. Although many companies now recognize the need to collect more data, the imperative next step that follows data mining is retrieving value from it efficiently. Enormous amounts of data can prove inessential if there is an inability to manage it and analyze it for relevant insights. New Neptune Technology accelerates the journey of our clients – from data to decisions, enabling real-time, enhanced, and hyper-efficient business outcomes.

Talent Supplementation

We understand and recognize that while technologies evolve rapidly, a skilled and flexible workforce remains at its unwavering core to deliver value out of mainstream technologies. While Digital Transformation is the foundation of the services we provide, we deliver it through Talent Supplementation using a combination of internal resources and a validated global talent network uniquely identified and engaged across projects and placements.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Today, Logistics and Supply Chain operations deserve more attention. The ability to deliver products customers want, when they want them, in cost-effective ways could move logistics from expensive overhead to significant competitive differentiator. And achieving this kind of change does not require major capital investments or long lead times.


Cloud Architecture

Transform your business from the ground up by embracing state-of-the-art IT modernization including Cloud, DevOps and SRE’s – to build software-driven, digital consumer experiences that are delivered with precision and high velocity.